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Vehicle Interior Plate Spot Welding Machine

Vehicle interior plate welding machine welding advantages Interior plate welding machine is the most advanced plastic heat riveting technology, with the special riveting head can realize plastic riveting column flush riveting, hemisphere riveting, countersunk riveting (countersunk riveting), arc flanging riveting, rib shape riveting, ruffled Mosaic cladding, etc., and processing the point contact with a whole new concept optimization design, plastic and metal parts or other not welding material component riveting assembly into an organic whole, riveting finish well, forming speed, is not easy to crack embrittlement, beautiful, strong, simplify the production process and reduce the material consumption, greatly improve the product quality, reliability and production efficiency, effectively prolong service life, with advanced technology, reasonable structure, no vibration, no noise, no pollution, and processing quality higher advantages, widely used in space war industry, electronic appliances, instruments, micro switch valve, auto parts, household appliances, hardware industry production and assembly, to ensure that the products are high performance and low cost, even in very bad natural environment and violent vibration, still can use long-term security is stable and reliable.

Vehicle interior plate welding machine characteristics of the equipment

1, automotive interior plate welding machine adopts multi axis CNC, can easily realize products more welding;
2, automotive interior plate welding machine of welding head numerical control steering function, to realize product each point in different directions welding;
3, automotive interior plate welding power for components linear slide rail design, guarantee the accuracy of action;
4, vehicle interior plate welding machine implement strong, weak current separate design, the maintenance to be convenient, fast,
5, automotive interior plate welding machine of welding time setting using three digital display, touch control, convenient operation, control time accurate;
6, a complete different action at the same time of the plane of the riveting point of rivet, so as to ensure the whole firm structure;
7, control circuit used PLC circuit design, the control mode with human-machine interface, to ensure that the quality of performance, mechanical maintenance also simplification.
Automobile welding machine, trunk interior plate welding machine, auto interior plate welding machine, car door plank hot melt riveting machine, car bumper welding machine equipment characteristics are almost

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