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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

We are listed amongst the top manufacturer, exporter, and suppliers of Ultrasonic Welding Machine in Jiangsu, China. We offer a wide range of ultrasonic welding machines which are used in several industries for various purposes. They are packed in proper packages without causing any damage to the welding machine. The offered range of welding machines is known to deliver the best result every day. The wide ranges offered by us are given below.

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Ultrasonic notebook battery welding machine
Ultrasonic notebook battery case welding machine is the use of plastic welding principle, will power through the ultrasonic transducer into ultrasonic can (namely frequency beyond the human ear auditory threshold of high-frequency mechanical vibration can), this energy through the welding head conduction to plastic workpiece, tens of thousands of

600W ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine
600W hand-held ultrasonic home appliance plastic spot welding equipment instructions
600W ultrasonic plastic point welding machine adopts hand-held design, and may, according to the product is with the need to replace spot welding mould, maohan mould, chain welding mould, heeling in mould, embedded mold and resection of mould. Through the

4200W plastic welding machine
4200W ultrasonic shell welding machine welding principle
When ultrasonic effect on thermoplastic plastic contact surface, will produce tens of times per second of high frequency vibration, this kind of reaches a certain amplitude of the high frequency vibration, through welding parts on the ultrasonic energy transmitted to welding area, due

Ultrasonic  microfiber cloth slitting machine

1- Adopt ultrasonic technology to cut the fabric with edge melting, so smooth, no rough edges.

2- PLC touch-screen, automatic feeding, the computer counting, high precision, speed and adjust the length of simple and quick, efficient.

3- Different cutting rollers and patterns can be designed according to

Ultrasonic microfiber cloth cutting machines
Product model:
working pressure
output power
maximum winding diameter
380v 5060hz
maximum raw material width
working efficiency
raw material diameter
product specifications

Sound Insulation Felt Spot Welding Machine

Ultrasonic automobile sound insulation felt welding machine principle Car blimp welding machine is will ultrasonic through the welding head conduction to plastic processing parts, make two plastic joint surface for receiving ultrasonic role and produce friction, friction heat make plastic joint surface melting and completely joint. This


The car engine cover spot welding machine
The car engine cover welding machine work principle: thermoplastic materials in heating element heating, molecular to molten state, inside short time two plastic parts in certain pressure press close, each other through the molecular motion become one, and the time after cooling, two plastic parts will fusion for an organic whole, and reaches a

Sound insulation cotton spot welding machine
Sound insulation cotton welding machine adopts plastic heat riveting technology, with the special riveting head can realize plastic riveting column flush riveting, hemisphere riveting, countersunk riveting (countersunk riveting), arc flanging riveting, rib shape riveting, ruffled Mosaic cladding, etc., and processing the point contact; Sound

Ultrasonic automobile instrument inventory welder
Car dashboard non-standard welding machine using ultrasonic plastic welding principle of automobile panel for welding processing, the use of ultrasonic effect on belong to thermoplastic material of the instrument panel, there is a certain pressure, make its solidification molding, thus forming a strong molecular chain, to achieve the purpose of

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