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Ultrasonic power adapter welding machine

Ultrasonic notebook power adapter welding machine is ultrasonic through the welding head conduction to plastic processing parts, make two plastic joint surface for receiving ultrasonic role and produce friction, friction heat make plastic joint surface melting and completely joint. This technology has the advantages of quick speed, firm welding etc, more important is to be able to make plastic products processing automation. Ultrasonic plastic welding machine for plastic welding, embedment, forming, riveting, welding, resection, suture and operation, only to change the welding head can be used to do a wide variety of applications. Specially used for welding laptop adapter, notebook computer batteries, computer charger, cell phone chargers, battery car charger and cell phone batteries, etc., ultrasonic welding with welding surface firm, air tightness and water tightness good, the intensity is high, the beautiful and the characteristics of environmental protection.

USB power adapter shell ultrasonic welding machine features:

1, ultrasonic computer power adapter welding machine adopts electric lift fuselage, operating easily, high strength;
2, ultrasonic ABS power adapter welding machine for linear ball slippery course, ensure welding head long-term high precision welding movement;
3, ultrasonic universal power adapter welding machine's floor adjustable structure, adjustable die convenient and quick;
4, plastic power adapter shell ultrasonic welding machine has frequency modulation and frequency automatic compensation circuit, the operation is convenient;
5, ultrasonic computer chargers plastic shell welding machine for full set of high quality imported components assembly, the quality is excellent;
6, ultrasonic notebook computer power adapter welding machine with high precision grating ruler ranging, welding precision can reach 0.02 mm.
Ultrasonic power adapter welding after lead-time can also be used in: all kinds of USB connection-peg, card reader, all kinds of SD card, all kinds of small power supply transformer (power adapter), all kinds of portable battery, bluetooth headset, plastic parts and hardware components of the riveting, electrical products of plastic transparent window welding, etc.; Also used in plastics, electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, packaging, environmental protection, medical equipment, non-woven clothing, stationery daily necessities, plastic toys, sports goods, communications equipment and other industries, its have maohan, spot welding, the embedded, resection of the processing technology, etc.

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