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Ultrasonic plastic drum cover welding machine

Ultrasonic oil plastic drum cover welding machine work principle
Will power through the ultrasonic transducer into ultrasonic can (namely frequency beyond the human ear auditory threshold of high-frequency mechanical vibration can), this energy through the welding head conduction to plastic workpiece, tens of thousands of times per second of the ultrasonic frequency and certain amplitude make plastic workpiece of joint face severe friction after melting. Vibration after stop maintain the workpiece on the short pressure make the two weldment molecular link mode setting as a whole. General welding time less than 1 seconds, the welding strength can be comparable with the ontology. The specific process is barrelhead in plastic welding mould and bottom die intermediate, when the mould with barrelhead contact, can with ultrasonic, forming a vibration friction, so that the barrelhead contact melting. When the mould leave barrelhead, barrelhead quickly cooling molding, can realize ontology or species plastic material welding.

Ultrasonic gasoline PP plastic drum cover welding machine welding characteristics

â ultrasonic plastic drum cover cap welding machine adopts electric lift fuselage, operating easily, high strength;
â ultrasonic ABS plastic drum cover welding machine for desktop design, countertops, facilitate welding operation;
â ultrasonic barrelhead shell welding machine machine gravity casting molding, adopting large base straight FangLiZhu welding precision high, the outward appearance is beautiful;
â ultrasonic fuel plastic barrel cover welding machine for linear ball slippery course, ensure welding head long-term high precision welding movement;
â automobile engine oil ultrasonic barrelhead welding machine mould special design, special surface treatment, not easy viscose;
â gasoline plastic drum cover ultrasonic welding machine new model, the machine body, strengthen the stable mechanism engineering, pulse type circuit design, provide transducer steady energy output.

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