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Ultrasonic automobile instrument inventory welder

Car dashboard non-standard welding machine using ultrasonic plastic welding principle of automobile panel for welding processing, the use of ultrasonic effect on belong to thermoplastic material of the instrument panel, there is a certain pressure, make its solidification molding, thus forming a strong molecular chain, to achieve the purpose of welding, the welding strength can close to raw material strength. Automobile panel machine dedicated to car dashboard, instrument panel welding, also it is suitable for automobile door plank, auto water tank, car light, etc. According to material for PE, PP, nylon, ABS and larger and irregular plastic workpiece of welding, also widely used in environmental protection filter products, electronic products, plastic toys, audio and video products, automobile lamps and lanterns, instrument, household plastic products and packaging industry thermal plastic sex plastic products of welding.

Car dashboard ultrasonic welding machine features:

1, automobile panel welding machine the multiunit ultrasonic assembly, through the PLC program control to implement to bedding face and irregular workpiece of welding;
2, automobile panel non-standard welding machine welding surface without any trace, appearance beautiful, especially suitable for auto equipment welding make it after welding can still flawless;
3, panel special welding machine designed many sets of diversification, and synchronous do processing action, to make the work content can be finished in one time,
4, ultrasonic automobile panel welding machine by CNC machine parts processing after the assembly, the vertical and horizontal conform to the precision demand;
5, car dashboard plastic welding machine adopt Taiwan original piezoelectric ceramic transducer, strong output stable frequency automatic compensation circuit, power free adjustment;
6, non-standard automobile panel welding machine using ultra high frequency vibration, in 0.1 2 seconds with certain pressure make welding plastic junction rapid melting and solidification, complete welding.
We in the automobile industry also provides more non-standard ultrasonic welding equipment and non-standard hot plate welding equipment, car inner decoration welding machine, car door plank welding machine, car fenders welding machine, automobile lamp welding machine, car tank welding machine, car tank welding machine, car bumper welding machine, car visor welding machine, auto instrument desk welding machine, auto filter welding machine, automobile panel welding machine, auto filter welding machine, car steering wheel welding machine, car glove box welding machine, auto front cover welding machine, automobile sound insulation cover welding machine, car trunk welding machine, car carbon tank welding machine, car speaker welding machine, car license plate frame welding machine, automobile engine cover welding machine, auto plastic pipe welding machine, auto filter welding machine, automobile tail welding machine, auto interior plate welding machine, car kettle welding machine, car dashboard welding machine, etc.

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