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The car engine cover spot welding machine

The car engine cover welding machine work principle: thermoplastic materials in heating element heating, molecular to molten state, inside short time two plastic parts in certain pressure press close, each other through the molecular motion become one, and the time after cooling, two plastic parts will fusion for an organic whole, and reaches a certain welding strength, thus realize the welding function.
The car engine cover welding machine specifications:
1, hot plate welding mould is divided into transverse and longitudinal motion;
2, equipment volume for the size of the "and decide;
3, according to the size of the equipment, driving mode can choose pneumatic, hydraulic drive and servo motor drive;
4, according to the welding procedure request, can choose semi-automatic or fully automatic mode;
5, equipment maintain good stability, and can guarantee the same welding effect and workpiece processing after the accuracy of height,
6, welding temperature, heating time, cooling time, heating depth and weld depth pressure, transit time parameters such as adjustable;
7, other selective welding parameters are also adjustable.

The car engine cover welding machine product advantages:

1, novel portable structure design, straight shank type or pistol handle, operating mobile convenient;
2, welding speed, welding high strength, good tightness, can reach airtight, liquid tight, and other sealing effect;
3, surface forming good, no damage to the deformation, no scratches and cement residual mark, after welding is beautiful;
4, replace traditional welding/bonding process, low cost, clean pollution-free and will not damage the workpiece;
5, replaceable welding mould achieve multi-usage effect, have chain welding and spot welding, suture, welding, cutting and edge preparetions process;
6, welding process stability, all welding parameters can be through the software system for tracking monitoring, once found fault is very easy to eliminate and maintenance.

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