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Printer Ink Cartridges Shell Welding Machine

Ultrasonic cartridge plastic shell welding machine work principle Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is ink cartridge through a transistor function equipment will be 15 KHZ high frequency electric energy to ultrasonic vibration can, regulating device responsible for transmission change after the mechanical energy to ultrasonic welding machine welding head. Welding head is the mechanical vibration can direct transmission to need to pressing product of a kind of acoustic device, vibration through the welding work piece to the bonding surface vibration friction produce heat plastic melting, vibrations in molten state material reaches the interface when you stop, and at the same time offer certain pressure. When vibration stops will cooling fast, because the plastic thermal conductivity difference in local fast cooling solidification, including plastic molecules to mold gap mobile, achieve the effect of welding, and the whole cycle is usually less than a second and finish. Application of ultrasonic can be thermoplastic workpiece using welding, riveting and welding, forming welding or spot welding and so on the many kinds of methods for welding. Ultrasonic welding equipment can be independent operation, also can be used in automatic production environment.

Ultrasonic plastic welder welding characteristics of printer cartridges

â ultrasonic plastic ABS cartridge welding machine adopts electric motor jacking system, commissioning and operation more convenient;
â ultrasonic learning supplies welding machine original developed countries import piezoelectric ceramic transducer, output strong stability, high conversion efficiency,
â ultrasonic plastic pencil case welding machine adopts upset circular column design, high stability, the welding effect good;
â ultrasonic plastic pen shell welding machine important electronic components using fine original foreign brands, equipment, quality assured;
â ultrasonic PP plastic cartridge welding machine adopts digital code fine control switch, 1/100 accurate setting, welding uniformization;
â ultrasonic plastic drum shell welding machine travels 15 KHZ frequency form high frequency oscillation, generate heat make plastic between workpiece fusion weld, the accuracy is high.

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