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Non Woven Filter Bag Welding Machine

Non-woven ultrasonic air filter bag welding machine work principle Non-woven ultrasonic welding principle is by the POWER generator production and the ultrasonic transducer the same resonance frequency of high pressure, high frequency energy, through the conversion system, the electric POWER conversion for high frequency mechanical vibration, make processing non-woven products workpiece, the work surface and inner friction between the molecules and make the melting joint interface temperature increases, when the temperature reaches melting point of the work itself, workpiece interface quickly melted, and then fill in the gap between interface, when shaking stops, workpiece at the same time under the pressure of certain cooling constant form perfect welding. Realize non-woven ontology welding, can according to the product design different specifications welding mould.

Ultrasonic tubular non-woven filter bag welding machine welding characteristics

â ultrasonic water treatment filter bag welding machine imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, output strong stability, high conversion efficiency,
â square filter ultrasonic welding machine digital high precision power trigger function, welding stability increased significantly;
â ultrasonic in high non-woven filter bag welding machine adopts aluminum alloy platform structure, strong not rusting, product use persistent durable;
â ultrasonic cleaner filter bag welding machine adopts electronic program control, a high degree of automation, easy operation, built-in electronic protection circuit, the use of safe, stable and reliable;
â ultrasonic tubular filter membrane non-woven welding machine enhanced machine, prevent back, the use of stable, welding high efficiency;
â ultrasonic garbage filter welding machine and fabrication head automatic level system and high strength spinner, school die easy to fast, the gravity casting CNC machine tool processing, equipped with large table table structure, high in precision.

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