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Four Head Paratactic Type Plastic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic four head type coordinate plastic shell welding machine principle Four head ultrasonic plastic welding machine is aimed at special plastic welding parts design, take four head coordinate style, various plastic welding machine can work alone, adjust the different technical parameters. Also at the same time more than processing plastic welding parts, in order to improve work efficiency. The ultrasonic through the welding head conduction to plastic processing parts, make two plastic joint surface by ultrasonic action and produce friction, friction heat make plastic joint surface melting and complete bonding. The technology has high speed and weld firm etc, and more important is can make the plastic products production and processing automation. Ultrasonic plastic welding machine can get in plastic welding, heeling in, forming, riveting, welding, excision, suture and operation. As long as the welding head can be used to change to a wide variety of applications.

Four head combined ultrasonic plastic welding machine welding characteristics

Long â ultrasonic plastic welding machine adopts four head type design, may to the large area and irregular (long form, bent) product welding;
â ultrasonic four head combined welding machine does not need any auxiliary materials, chemical solvent, so has no influence on human health;
â ultrasonic wave shape plastic parts four head welding machine to take three digital dip switch 0.01-9.99 S precise time control, intuitive accurate;
â four head coordinate type plastic welding machine for frequency automatic tracking excitation mode (automatic or external control), the Japanese original transducer and high power amount of amplitude transformer;
Four head non-standard â ultrasonic plastic welding machine for linear bearing design, precision trimming device, mechanical stable performance, high precision of welding;
â ultrasonic four head paratactic type plastic welding machine of the fuselage prevent back and coaxial direct pressure type design, pressure on the equilibrium, and improve the precision of welding;
â ultrasonic PP plastic four head paratactic type welding machine with the international most advanced time welding, depth welding, collapse welding three welding mode, more suitable for high-precision welding applications require.

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