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Car Inner Decoration Spot Welding Machine

Hand-held ultrasonic auto parts plastic spot welding machine work principle Car inner decoration plastic spot welding machine is the use of ultrasonic principle, by ultrasonic transducer to 28 KHZ high frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration can, then mechanical vibration through a set of can change amplitude modulator device transfer to the welding head. According to the different product change of different types and specifications of the spot welding mould, complete spot welding, chain welding, preparetions, riveting and welding, embedded, the effect of the resection. When the welding head to move to processing product surface, ultrasonic automatic generation, in plastic workpiece formed on the micro amplitude high frequency vibration, and with workpiece surface molecules for friction moment into heat, melt to machining materials, finally achieve paste or heeling in effect, because it is ontology spot welding, so can achieve perfect welding. Due to the application of this technology can replace the past production in need of flux, adhesives, fastener nail or other mechanical fixed method, so as to improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost.

Hand type auto plastic accessories ultrasonic spot welder welding characteristics

â car inner decoration ultrasonic spot welding machine for one-piece design, portable small, keep simple;
â ultrasonic auto parts plastic spot welding machine for welding products conform to the characteristics, the welding head a design type pistol or straight shank type, flexible operation, welding rapid;
â portable car plastic accessories spot welding equipment important parts are all developed countries by brand products, stable and reliable;
â car door plank ultrasonic plastic spot welder frequency automatic compensation circuit, power free to move, spot welding effect uniformization;
â ultrasonic auto plastic inner decoration spot welder can be designed according to different products in different specifications of welding mould, respectively finish spot welding, chain welding, preparetions, embedded, excision of work;
â automotive plastics interior plate ultrasonic spot welder welding effect, by hand control, convenient operation, no cylinder pressure, irregular plastic product multipoint riveting has the unique effect.

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