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600W ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine

600W hand-held ultrasonic home appliance plastic spot welding equipment instructions
600W ultrasonic plastic point welding machine adopts hand-held design, and may, according to the product is with the need to replace spot welding mould, maohan mould, chain welding mould, heeling in mould, embedded mold and resection of mould. Through the welding mould the ultrasonic energy transmitted to welding area, produce vibration friction in the local cause high temperature, and because plastic thermal conductivity is poor, can't timely heat dissipation and the plastic parts contact rapidly melting, add some manual pressure, make its fusion as a whole. Plastic spot welding machine is mainly used in: automobile door plank, car inside guard, automobile sound insulation cotton, household appliances, non-woven products, stationery spot welding, mobile phone accessories, electrical a riveting, car plate, folders, positioning, and other riveting and welding process.

600W hand type car door plank ultrasonic plastic spot welder welding characteristics

â 600W ultrasonic plastic inner decoration spot welding machine for one-piece design, portable small, keep simple;
â 600W portable ultrasonic plastic stationery spot welder unique value design, all plastic shell, all aluminum kernel, membrane switch panel;
â 600W in a car door plank plastic spot welder overload protection device, FET output parts, mould automatic after frequency;
â 600W TV shell ultrasonic plastic spot welder three digital dip switch 0.01-9.99 S precise time control;
â 600W ultrasonic non-woven products spot welder can be designed according to different products in different specifications of welding mould, respectively finish spot welding, chain welding, preparetions, embedded, removal process.

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