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4200W plastic welding machine

4200W ultrasonic shell welding machine welding principle
When ultrasonic effect on thermoplastic plastic contact surface, will produce tens of times per second of high frequency vibration, this kind of reaches a certain amplitude of the high frequency vibration, through welding parts on the ultrasonic energy transmitted to welding area, due to welding area namely two welding interface place acoustic resistance is big, so will produce the local high temperature. Also, because plastic thermal conductivity is poor, at that time is not timely to send out, gathered in welding area, the two plastic contact rapidly melting, coupled with a certain pressure, make its fusion as a body. When ultrasonic stop function, let the pressure for a few seconds, make its solidification molding, thus forming a strong molecular chain, to achieve the purpose of welding, the welding strength can close to raw material strength. Ultrasonic plastic welding is good or bad depends on the transducer welding head amplitude, by adding pressure and welding time and so on three factors, the welding time and weld head pressure is can adjust, amplitude by transducer and luffing rod decision. The three quantity interaction has a good value, energy more than good value, plastic melt quantity is big, welding things easy deformation; If energy is small, it is not easy to weld, by adding a pressure also cannot too big. The optimum pressure is welding part of the side length and edge every 1 mm of optimum pressure of the product.

4200W ultrasonic water pump impeller welding machine characteristics of the equipment

â 4200W ultrasonic plastic panel welding machine equipment important electronic components using fine original foreign brand;
â 4200W ultrasonic medical instrument plastic welding machine new single column adjustable lifting fuselage, divided into manual and automatic, operating easily,
â 4200W ultrasonic washing machine filter welding machine large countertops, stable mechanical properties, more suitable for a variety of welding field;
â 4200W ultrasonic car door plank sponge welding machine automatic super load protection circuit, further improve product service life and safety;
â 4200W ultrasonic plastic electric kettle shell special ultrasonic welding machine imported luffing rod, lasting and durable, the equipment surface high temperature hot dip the lacquer that bake, decay resistance is strong;
â 4200W high power ultrasonic plastic piece welding machine adopts the most advanced international time welding, depth welding, collapse type welding three welding mode, more accord with high-precision welding requirements.

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