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3200W plastic welding machine

3200W high power ultrasonic plastic cover box welding machine equipment instructions
3200W high power ultrasonic plastic welding machine for new type, the use of ultrasonic plastic welding principle butt welding pieces for processing. For large plastic workpiece product welding provide force strong, welding time, reaction sensitive, feedback spring pressure mode, exempt from cylinder 20% friction resistance variables, and greatly increase the productivity advanced type, is fast, efficient and clean advantages. The ultrasonic generator produces 15 KHZ high pressure, high frequency signal, through the transducer piezoelectric inverse effect with frequency converted into mechanical oscillation, and to the form of audio longitudinal wave effect on plastic products on the workpiece, through the workpiece surface and inner friction between the molecules and make the transfer to the interface temperature increases, when the temperature reaches melting point of workpiece itself, workpiece interface rapidly melting, and then fill in the gap between interface, when shaking stops, workpiece at the same time under the pressure of certain cooling setting, achieve perfect welding.

3200W ultrasonic electronic mosquito swatter plastic welding machine welding characteristics

â 3200W ultrasonic plastic meter shell welding machine of new improved advanced type circuit, the output efficiency higher electric precision limit trimming, high precision;
JiuPingGai â 3200W ultrasonic plastic welding machine adopts Japanese brand amplitude transformer, strong wear resistant two-way movement type cylinder, more precise positioning,
â 3200W ultrasonic non-woven water treatment filter bag welding machine the original piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic transducer, big power, high conversion efficiency,
â 3200W ultrasonic auto plastic speaker box shell welding electromechanical dynamic precision mechanical limit trimming, high precision can be up to 0.2 mm;
â 3200W ultrasonic PP folder welding machine for concentric direct axis mechanism design, which can effectively eliminate the couple, reduce the degree of back, safe and reliable;
â 3200W ultrasonic telephone shell welding machine new model, the machine body, strengthen the stable mechanism engineering, pulse type circuit design, provide transducer steady energy output.

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