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2200W plastic welding machine

2200W ultrasonic air conditioning plastic impeller welding machine equipment instructions
2200W plastic welding machine for thermoplastic plastic secondary connection, compared with other traditional process (such as adhesive, perm close or screw fastening, etc.) with a high efficiency, good quality, high strength, environmental protection economy and other significant advantages. Through welding parts on the ultrasonic energy transmitted to welding area, due to welding area namely two welding interface place acoustic resistance is big, so will produce the local high temperature and due to plastic thermal conductivity is poor, at that time is not timely to send out, gathered in welding area, the two plastic contact rapidly melting, coupled with a certain pressure, make its fusion as a body. Specifically for auto parts, plastic processing, stationery, toys, medical equipment and other industry research and development production and welding equipment, the NC series ultrasonic plastic welding machine can be used for thermoplastic plastic butt welding, also can according to customer needs replacement welding head, used for welding and spot welding, the embedded, resection of the processing technology, etc.

2200W ultrasonic ABS plastic workpiece welding machine welding characteristics

â 2200W ultrasonic plastic cosmetics box welding machine full set of high quality imported components components, quality assured;
â 2200W ultrasonic PP plastic toys shell welding machine USES the Japanese original piezoelectric ceramic transducer, output strong neck stability, the welding effect better;
â 2200W ultrasonic plastic adornment shell welding machine mould group parameter memory function, can at the same time memory level 4 mold data, high efficiency;
â 2200W ultrasonic plastic pencil case welding machine adopts welding head level adjustable structure, adjustable die is convenient, use stability, welding high efficiency;
â 2200W ultrasonic lighter shell welding machine fuselage prevent back and coaxial direct pressure type design, pressure on the equilibrium, and improve the precision of welding;
â 2200W ultrasonic plastic welding machine JiuPingGai welding time using light touch switch, can be adjusted to l /, the accuracy of seconds, adjustment is simple, low failure rate.

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