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1800W plastic welding machine

1800W ultrasonic plastic meter shell welding machine work principle
1800W ultrasonic plastic welding machine is mainly used for thermoplastic plastic secondary connection, compared with other traditional process (such as adhesive, perm close or screw fastening, etc.) with a high production efficiency and welding quality, environmental protection and energy saving and other significant advantages. Through a transistor function equipment the current 50/60 hz electric frequency into 20 KHZ or 40 KHZ power high frequency power, supply converter. Converter will be converted into electrical energy for ultrasonic mechanical vibration can, regulating device responsible for transmission change after the mechanical energy to ultrasonic welding machine welding head. Welding head is the mechanical vibration can direct transmission to need to pressing product of a kind of acoustic device. Vibration through the welding work piece to the bonding surface vibration friction produce heat plastic melting, vibrations in molten state material reaches the interface when you stop, short keep pressure can make the melt in the bonding surface curing generates a strong molecular key, and the whole cycle is usually less than a second and finish, but the welding strength is close to is a connecting materials.

1800W ultrasonic plastic horn forming welding machine welding characteristics

â 1800W ultrasonic plastic packing box welding machine replaced the screw, card buckles, such as glue paste solvents, save material, after soldering product firm, welding high efficiency;
â 1800W ultrasonic plastic lighter shell welding machine for the Japanese original piezoelectric ceramic transducer, output strong stability;
â 1800W ultrasonic PP plastic charger shell welding machine of the nc machine tool processing, welding precision high, the outward appearance is beautiful;
â 1800W ultrasonic plastic cosmetics bottle cap welding machine debugging set soft starting circuit, avoid damaging mould, use the stability and welding effect better;
â 1800W plastic PingGaiZi shell special ultrasonic welding machine floor adjustable structure, convenient debugging moulds;
â 1800W ultrasonic magic stick welding machine adopts IC full crystal automatic circuit, frequency automatic tracking and overload protection device, the equipment is more stable.

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